Harmony Apartments at 20 Ave and 151A Street (South Surrey)

Project Description: Harmony

Harmony File Number: 22-0305

Please add your voice to the call for much needed inclusive homes in Surrey!

About the Project

Data shows us that there is huge demand for quality affordable rental apartments in Surrey—retirees, young families, children moving out of their homes can no longer afford to live in the areas where they grew up. In response to this demonstrated need, UNITI is currently in process of developing Harmony Apartments, a 91 home affordable and inclusive rental building in South Surrey on the southeast corner of Peninsula Estates, at 151A St. and 20 Ave in South Surrey.

UNITI is the partnership of three Surrey not-for-profit organizations that build healthy and inclusive communities through a variety of services, including housing. Their most recent development, Chorus Apartments, was completed in 2016. Chorus is now home to dozens of community members and has won local and national awards for its innovative, inclusive approach. UNITI’s projects include homes for a variety of people being priced out of the local housing market including families, essential workers, people with disabilities, students, and seniors.

Despite a sustained campaign in opposition to Harmony, there has been huge support for the project. A pro-Harmony petition has received over 6,100 signatures, mostly from the residents of Surrey. The link to this petition can be found here:


Harmony needs all the supportive voices it can get. If you support this project, please let Council know by filling out the letter generator below. The deadline to submit a letter in support of this project is Friday, November 25th at 12pm PST. You will receive a copy of your submission once it has been sent to Mayor and Council. Thank you for your support.

If you would like to send a personalized email instead, you can do so by referencing the file number above and sending your own letter to: clerks@surrey.ca




To submit your support for this project to the City of Vancouver, please fill out the survey below: https://bcnpha.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_00Yw7LSX8y5cbsi

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