Vienna House (Vancouver)

Project Description: Vienna House

In response to both the global climate crisis and the regional housing affordability crisis, BC Housing is proposing an innovative near zero-emissions rental apartment community in East Vancouver. Delivered through a partnership with the City of Vancouver, Vienna House will be a seven-storey, 120-unit dedicated affordable housing rental building in Vancouver’s Kensington – Cedar Cottage neighborhood, at 2009-2037 Stainsbury Avenue. If approved, Vienna House will showcase innovative materials and processes designed to deliver high energy performance with low greenhouse gas emissions. The building will be operated by More Than a Roof Housing Society. More Than a Roof provides housing to more than 1,700 tenants across 12 housing communities throughout Metro Vancouver, Victoria, and Prince George, including supported independent and apartment living units in Metro Vancouver’s North Shore region, for individuals who are struggling with mental health. 

The future tenants of Vienna House will represent the following mix of rents and incomes: 

  • 30 per cent: Affordable housing (moderate income) 
  • 50 per cent: Rent geared to income (housing income limit) 
  • 20 per cent: Deep subsidy (deep subsidy income limit) 

Pending approvals, Vienna House is aiming to welcome its first tenants in late 2023. 


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