Galiano Green on Galiano Island

Galiano Green on Galiano Island

GALI, (Galiano Affordable Living Initiative Society), is seeking to provide a rental alternative on Galiano Island that is affordable, secure, sustainable, reliable, well-managed, and purpose built for singles, couples, families, and seniors.

Secure housing increases the amount that individuals and families can put toward other important household needs and savings for the future while also contributing to the local economy. Aside from the Page Drive seniors housing development, there are currently no secure affordable rental housing options on the island.

GALI proposes to build and manage 20 rental homes in 4 clustered buildings with a mix of 2 level townhouses and stacked townhouses on a 10 acre lot in the south end of Galiano Island. The property is located adjacent to Page Drive, between Porlier Pass and Georgeson Bay Roads and is within walking distance of many community amenities including grocery stores, the hardware store, community hall, recycling centre, elementary school, and library.

GALI acknowledges the deep privilege of living upon the unceded and asserted lands of the Penelakut, Lamalcha and Hwlitsum First Nations, as well as other Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples, and the treatied territory of the Tsawwassen First Nation.

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The following letter generator is hosted by the BC Non-Profit Housing Association. All correspondence will be sent in a package to the trustees of the Galiano Island Trust. Please ensure you have completed your submission by 3PM PST on Monday, September 26th to ensure that your submission is received. You will receive a confirmation of the submission once this correspondence package has been sent.

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