GIGARHS on Galiano Island

Project Description: GIGARHS

GIGARHS acknowledges the deep privilege of living upon the unceded and asserted lands of the Penelakut, Lamalcha and Hwlitsum First Nations, as well as other Hul’qumi’num and SENĆOŦEN speaking peoples, and the treatied territory of the Tsawwassen First Nation.

GIGARHS, (Gulf Islands Galisle Affordable Rental Housing Society), are seeking to build and manage 12 affordable rental homes in clustered multi-unit buildings on a 2-hectare lot at 1663 Georgia View Road for singles, couples, families and seniors.

The property, at the edge of the Community Forest, is adjacent to forest trails and beach accesses and is 5-10 minutes by car to many community amenities including grocery stores, the hardware store, community hall, recycling centre, elementary school, and library. The area is also serviced by the school bus.

This location meets the following criteria: frontage on a public road dedication; minimize forest fragmentation; minimize impact on protected ecology; adjacent to existing rural residential areas and related services, (hydro, phone, etc.).

GIGARHS will be seeking funding in the form of grants and donations towards creating the lowest possible ecological footprint. It is anticipated that none of the existing forest or trails will be significantly impacted.

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